Meet Catch! app for Android — a great solution for sharing files between devices in a local network. It allows you to send photos, audio tracks or files to another Catch! app or to PC with DAEMON Tools Lite installed. Catch! works inside local wireless network only and so doesn't cause mobile network usage and protects the data you send.

To start using Catch! download it from Google Play and install on your mobile device or tablet.


Catch! Android app menu can be reached by pressing on a "hamburger" in the top left corner. It consists of the following sections:

Catch! Android

  • Local files:
    • Gallery tab: contains all the pictures that are stored on your phone.
    • Music tab: contains all the music files kept in albums, sorted by date they were copied to device.
    • Files tab: displays the basic elements of device's file system and folders with previously caught files divided into categories (depending on file type).
  • History: shows the logs of transfer tasks.
  • Share: displays the QR-code to share Catch!
  • Settings: permits to configure preferences:
    • Device name: change how other devices will identify yours
    • Port: Redefine it if the default one is reserved
    • Trusted list: manage the list of trusted and blocked devices
    • Saving folders: manage where certain file types will be saved automatically
    • Statistics: see how many files were sent and received (grouped by types)
    • Application version

Sharing files in a local network

To share files in a local network you need to complete several steps:

  1. Install DAEMON Tools Lite on PC and Catch! on Android device.
  2. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same network.
  3. Send a file from Android device: choose the file, press the Send button, pick the recipient in the Find devices menu. If you don't see the desired device, press Refresh.

Note, that if the device is still not in the Device menu, you may need to enter its IP manually. In order to keep the added device at hand always, we recommend you to Add it to Favorites before sending a file

Trusted list

Manage the Trusted list on a certain device by sending a file to one. Once you send a file to Android device, a window pops up. Check Remember to repeat the chosen variant for a certain sender every time he sends you a file.