General settings of DAEMON Tools Lite include the following options:


  • Use tray agent option enables an icon in the task bar that allows performing several basic operation without openning the main window of the program. If Autorun option is checked, tray agent will be launched after operating system startup. If Notify about new versions and special offers option is checked, you will be notified about all the updates and offers.
  • Automount option makes all previously mounted devices ready to use after the system restart.
  • Create new virtual drive to mount and Mount to existing virtual drive options allows you to choose whether you want to create a new device each time the new image is mounted or whether you want to re-mount the previously created drive.
  • Add images to catalog automatically options allows DAEMON Tools Lite to include all newly created image files and virtual hard disks to your collection.
  • Send anonymous statistics option gives the program permission to trace how you use it in order to improve the user interface in the upcoming versions.
  • Language drop-down list allows you to change the localization of the program.
  • Check for updates automatically option allows DAEMON Tools Lite to connect to the servers from time to time to find out whether the newer version of the software appeared. Check now button goes to the server immediately.

Click Apply button to save the changes or Back to quit the Preferences without saving.