Since DAMEON Tools Lite 10.11 you can browse the mobile devices' file system. Also, you can browse the Catch! folder of other devices that have DAEMON Tools Lite or Ultra installed and Catch! feature enabled. DAEMON Tools Lite 10.11 permits to open files while browsing with double-click.

Since DAEMON Tools Lite 10.12, you can view pictures and videos from remote devices in Lite:


After DAEMON Tools Lite 10.14 release, you can stream videos from your PC, iOS, Android devices that have DAEMON Tools Lite or Catch! client installed to Android TV with Catch! TV.

Note, that if you install Catch! on TV, it will not appear as a separate device in Catch! for mobile devices, or in DAEMON Tools Lite and Ultra. However, you can browse the shared folders on PC and mobile devices from the TV.

Browsing mobile devices

Browsing Android devices includes the Gallery, Albums, Downloads, Internal storage and SD-card folders; while browsing iOS devices permits to look through Gallery (Photos) and the Catch! folder (Received Files). Follow these steps to browse the file system:

  1. Open Catch! on your Android/iOS device

  2. Make sure both Android/iOS and DAEMON Tools Lite devices are connected to the same local wireless network

  3. Find Android/iOS device on Device panel in DAEMON Tools Lite. Click on it, or open its contextual menu and choose Open device in Lite. If you can't find the desired device on Device panel, you can add it

  4. Pick Allow to browse the device on Android/iOS, and enjoy browsing in DAEMON Tools Lite window.

Android devices


To browse files on PC you need to open the Catch! app on Android device before you send a browsing request. Accept it once, and then you will see the notification with the name of device that currently browses your content.

If you have accidentally declined the browsing request on your mobile device, you can change the permission in the Devices tab on your phone.

Browsing also permits to exchange files: you can download files from Android device to Catch! folder or to a manually picked location, send files to it, delete files or create new folders if you are browsing Downloads, Internal storage or SD card.


There are a few ways to download file or files from Android device:

  • open the contextual menu of a file (or files), and pick the needed option.

  • pick the files you want to download, then press the Download button in the right lower corner, and pick the destinational folder

Now about sending files. Also a couple of ways to do it:

  • drag and drop the files to any chosen directory except Albums

  • open the contextual menu of a directory in Android device, and choose Throw files or Throw files from folder

Note, that if you send files while Gallery tab is open, they will be saved according to file extension. For example, photos will be saved to /Pictures/Catch!, music will store in /Music/Catch!, and other files in /Catch!/ folder.

To add a folder, you need to open the contextual menu of the needed directory in Android device, and pick the relevant option.

iOS devices


To browse files on PC you need to keep the Catch! app opened on iOS device.

Browsing also permits to save the chosen files to Catch! folder, delete files and folders, or save files to a folder chosen manually. To do that, right-click the file, and pick the relevant option from the contextual menu.

Browsing Catch! folder on another PC

There's also a possibility to browse a Catch! folder in other devices that have DAEMON Tools Lite or Ultra installed and Catch! enabled. Just complete a few steps:

  1. Enable Catch! on both devices and make sure they are connected to the same wireless network

  2. Find the needed device on Device panel, double-click on it, or pick Open device in Lite. If you can't find the desired device on Device panel, you can add it

  3. Choose to Allow the device to browse your shared folders on the PC you want to browse, and enjoy!

Ultra browsing

Send files while browsing with drag-and-drop, or by opening a contextual menu of a certain file or Catch! folder.

In case you have picked Allow always option, you will no longer need to accept the request. If a blocked device will attempt to browse your files you will not get any notifications, and the blocked device will not be able to browse. You need to remove the device from blocklist first.

If your PC has several network adapters, DAEMON Tools Lite permits to choose the needed IP address in settings.