Images tab is a handy collection of all files you may use in DAEMON Tools Lite. Since DAEMON Tools Lite 10, you can Scan your PC for images and add them all right after the startup. Also, now all newly created images are saved to catalog automatically. If you don’t want to save them, visit the General tab of Preferences.

Images tab is opened in the main window by default. To get access to Images, choose the relevant option from the sidebar. If some image is selected on the tab, then you can mount it to DT or SCSI device right from the sidebar.

Note that SCSI and IDE functionality is limited in Windows 10.

Using the tiny toolbar in the upper right corner of the Images tab, you can add new image manually, scan the PC for images or search for a file in the collection.

Images tab

Two View types are available for Images tab: Details, Icons and GameSpace. To choose the one you need, go to the contextual menu of the tab. Icons view is shown on the previous screenshot, GameSpace view shows the box arts of your gaming images and Details view allows you to get full information about any file in your collection:

Images tab

Each image in the catalog has its contextual menu too. Using it, you can:

Images tab

  • Mount an image to the DT virtual drive
  • Mount to SCSI drive
  • Open Advanced Mount… wizard
  • Rename an image
  • Delete some item from catalog
  • Open file location — a folder where an image is stored physically
  • Burn… image to physical disc
  • Convert… an image from one format to another
  • Edit… an image
  • Get access to the Properties… of an image

Note that some options available in the contextual menu are included in paid groups of features and should be unlocked before using.