There are three types of licenses available for DAEMON Tools Lite: Personal License, Commercial License and Free License. This article will help you choose the one you need.

Personal License

Personal License includes DAEMON Tools Lite and several bonuses:

  • Free Lifetime updates: you are getting all program major and minor updates for free forever;
  • Instances for 3 PCs: you can install DAEMON Tools Lite on three different computers;
  • Third-party offers free version: no advertisement will be shown during the installation or update process;
  • 24/7 support: you will be one of the first in the support queue and can reckon on the fast reply from our Support Team.

Commercial License

Commercial License is dedicated to the business owners. It allows you to use DAEMON Tools Lite for commercial purposes.

Free License

Don’t want to get any bonuses together with DAEMON Tools Lite license? Then you can use the program for free. Note that in this case you will see partner offers during the installation and update process and we don’t guarantee 24/7 support for you.

Advanced Features

Since DAEMON Tools Lite 10, you can also upgrade your application with 15+ advanced features. The features can be purchased separately for a pretty low price or as a Full Pack with a discount. To get to know more about basic and advanced functionality, visit the relevant article.