Catch! app arrives for iOS — a great solution for sharing files between devices in a local network. It allows you to send files or transfer photos from iPhone to PC with DAEMON Tools Lite installed. You also can transfer photos from PC to iPhone using this app. Catch! works inside local wireless network only, it doesn't cause mobile network usage and protects the data you send.

To start using Catch! download it from App Store and install on your mobile device.


DAEMON Catch! has a tab bar menu type, which means that you can navigate between the following tabs:

Catch! iOS

  • Photos: contains all the pictures that are stored on your phone.
  • Received files: displays the previously caught files.
  • Devices: displays your IP, the lists of Favorites and Known devices.

Note, that you can change the name of devices in the Devices tab

  • History: displays the details of all the operations.

Note, that it's possible to transfer files from iPhone to PC and back, no matter what type of file you send. All the received files are stored in Catch!, and to have access to them you need to export them first. For example, you can open the picture in Catch!, then choose Export and pick Gallery. Same story with another file types, just import them to the corresponding application.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer

To share files in a local network you need to complete several steps:

  1. Install DAEMON Tools Lite on PC and Catch! on iOS device.
  2. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same network.
  3. Send a picture from iOS device: choose the image, press the Send button, pick the recipient. If you don't see the desired device, drag down to refresh.

Note, that if the device is still not in the Device menu, you may need to enter its IP and add the device manually. In order to keep the added device at hand always, we recommend you to Add it to Favorites before sending a file


You can manage your devices while in this tab, and modify their permissions to Throw files or to Browse your device. To do that, check out the Available devices, click on i sign near the device name, change its name if needed, and choose the appropriate permissions.

If you don't seem to find the desired device on Available list, you can add it by entering the IP address: click Add on the top right corner, then enter IP, click Submit, change the name of device if needed, and choose the appropriate list.

Go to device Settings -> Catch! to change Port.

Browsing (beta)

Catch! iOS

Since Catch! 3, you can browse the shared folders from your iOS with Catch! (which can be shared folders on Android device with Catch! installed, an iOS device with Catch!, or PC folders with DAEMON Tools Ultra or Lite installed). You also can preview images, download files, save a file to the remote device, create a folder. To browse, you need to perform several steps:

  1. Open Catch! on your iOS device, and the Catch! client on the device you want to browse (whether it's a DAEMON Tools app, or Catch!).

  2. Make sure both evices are connected to the same local wireless network.

  3. Proceed to Devices tab in Catch! and choose the needed device. If you can't find the desired device on Device panel, you can add it manually: click the Add icon on the top right corner and type the IP-address of the device.

  4. You will receive the notification on the device you want to browse: pick the relevant option (Allow always, Not now or Block this device)

  5. Now you can browse the shared folders of the chosen device, and also preview images, download files, save files to the remote device, create folders.

Catch! iOS