Erase a Disc wizard allows you to erase a re-writable CD or DVD in order to get it prepared for the future burning.

Erase a Disc wizard is a part of Disc Burn paid group. Learn more about the features included in Disc Burn group in the relevant article.

To erase a CD or DVD-RW, click Burn option in the sidebar, or in the main window, and choose Erase a Disc from the catalog of wizards.

Here you need to perform several easy steps:

Erase a Disc

  1. Insert the disc you want to erase into the drive and choose this drive in DAEMON Tools Lite.
  2. Choose the Speed according to your disc. The time of erasing process depends on the erasing speed.
  3. Choose the Type of erasing:
    • Quick means to mark the disc as clear, but its data will be actually deleted only after overwriting.
    • Full means actual erasing of the whole disc. This procedure takes much more time than the previous one.
  4. Click Start button to begin erasing a disc or Back button to return to the catalog of Disc Burn group.
  5. Wait a few moments while a disc is erased.