DAEMON Tools Lite main toolbar

Main toolbar contain buttons that provide access to base DAEMON Tools Lite functions (managing virtual devices and images).

Adds image to Image Catalog.

Removes selected images from Recently Used Images or Image Catalog. For example, right click on the Recently Used Images header and click on this button to clear all the list.

Mounts an image to selected virtual device.

Unmounts an image from selected virtual device.

Unmounts all images from all virtual devices.

Adds DT Virtual Drive.

Adds SCSI Virtual Drive.

Removes selected device.

Opens Disc Imaging dialog to create and save disc image file.

Starts Astroburn Lite or Astroburn Pro (if installed) to burn selected image to a disc.

Opens Preferences dialog with program's settings.

Opens Help menu containing commands to get online help or change license type.

Opens disc-soft.com payment page in browser window.